Why Is My Car Burning Oil?

Prevent Your Car From Burning Oil

Oil is designed to help keep the engine’s moving parts lubricated and cool. If the oil is burning, then it’s not effectively doing its job. This could cause the engine to break down, leaving you stranded around Amherst, Manchester, or Derry.

In this detailed guide, we’ll go over several reasons why your car could be burning oil. Read through the information below, and contact us at Ira Toyota of Manchester if you have any questions.

Why Is an Engine Burning Oil?

When your vehicle is burning oil, it could be due to situations occurring inside or outside of the engine, such as…

Oil Burning Externally

Replacing the Oil Filter in Your Car

Oil is supposed to be contained inside the engine. However, there may be instances where an oil seal or gasket will leak from excessive wear and tear or exposure to extreme heat.

There are more common sources of external oil leaks, including the:

  • Oil filter
  • Drain plug
  • Pan
  • Filler cap
  • Cooler lines

When any part of the engine leaks, oil will distribute outside of the engine and onto other components that are extremely hot. This results in a burning oil smell.

Oil Burning Internally

You may see some blue smoke coming out from the exhaust when starting the motor or accelerating from a stop. A car’s piston rings help seal engine oil out of the combustion chamber. If the piston rings are worn out from high mileage or poor maintenance, then small amounts of oil can be burnt during the combustion process. This will produce that blue smoke.

Another internal issue could be a malfunctioning PCV system. This handles a small amount of air-fuel mixture that enters a crankcase during engine operation. That mix, called blowby, will be sent back into the engine to be burned efficiently.

However, if the PCV valve is blocked, the blowby may not leave the crankcase. This would result in gasoline diluting the oil, pressurizing the crankcase, and forcing oil into the cylinders, where it’s burned.

How to Fix a Burning Oil Issue

Allow Our Experienced Technicians Maintenance Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the above concerns or it’s dealing with excessive oil consumption, then it needs to be taken to a service technician right away.

At our state-of-the-art service center, we’ll take care of the burning oil situation. We can replace a bad PCV valve or repair any part of the engine that needs fixing.

If anything does have to get replaced, we’ll do so using genuine parts. These are the same ones used when the vehicle was first built. So, not only will they fit inside the automobile perfectly, but they’ll also help keep it running well for many years and miles.

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