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If you you’re looking for help replacing your car battery, and you live around Amherst, Manchester, or Derry, New Hampshire, then you’ve come to the right place – welcome to the Ira Toyota of Manchester Service Center! Here, our team will replace your car battery…efficiently, effectively, inexpensively, and safely. In other words, they’ll give you the type of attention that you deserve, and nothing less. Okay!

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

How To Replace Your Car Battery

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How to Replace Your Car Battery at Home

Car Battery

We’re not going to sugarcoat the truth…attempting a car battery replacement procedure on your own can be both difficult and frustrating. However, we’ll walk you through the basics, nonetheless. Here…

Turn off your vehicle, put it in park, pop the hood, and find the battery. Detach the black battery cable, then the red battery cable. Remove the battery hold-down clamp, remove the battery, clean all of the connections, and insert the new battery. Follow that up with a bit of anti-corrosion spray, and the like. Finally, attach the red battery cable, then the black battery cable, and then clamp it down. Not easy!

Do It Yourself Car Battery: Warnings and Cautions

  1. Connect the red cable to the red terminal and the black cable to the black terminal. Otherwise, you could risk shorting the battery – or even electrocuting yourself. Pay attention to this, okay?
  2. Watch out for the battery acid. If you spill it on your skin, your clothes, or your car’s paint, you’ll be in for some trouble. Wear gloves, protective eyewear, expendable clothing…the whole nine.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, make sure that you recycle your car battery at the proper location when you’re finished. Reach out to us at Ira Toyota of Manchester with questions about this!

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So, if all of that seems too stressful, just let the professionals handle it! Contact us today at Ira Toyota of Manchester and we’ll replace your battery for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about red cables, black cables, clamps, safety, or anything else. All you have to worry about is driving away when it’s over.

More Information About Our Service Squad

You can rest assured that we’ll do everything properly – after all, our team is comprised of some of the most talented automotive technicians in New Hampshire. These guys and gals will work in a professional manner, always treating you with the respect and courtesy that you deserve. Now that’s plain awesome.

The best part is that you can fill out a quick form on our site to schedule your car battery appointment!

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Here’s the bottom line…if you’re near Derry, Manchester, or Amherst, NH, then we’re just a short drive away from you. But you won’t be able to make the drive if your car’s battery is dead! In that case, give us a call on the phone, text us from your cell, or schedule service online now. We’ll fix your car battery!