Why are My Brakes Squeaking?

Why are My Brakes Squeaking?

Picture this: You and your golden retriever, Samson, are headed to Purgatory Brook Trail to spend some much-needed R&R time in nature. As you press your car’s brake pedal while approaching a red light, you hear a high-pitched squeak.

The first thing you likely ask yourself when this occurs is, “Why are my brakes squeaking?

To help answer that question, the automotive experts at Ira Toyota of Manchester have created this guide on brake squeak to help our friends near Amherst, Manchester, and Derry, NH. Read through to find out the cause of this squeak!

Why are My Brakes Squeaking?

Brake Repair near Manchester NHBrake squeak is normal. In fact, your vehicle was designed to produce a squeaking sound to indicate it’s time for a brake service.

Your vehicle is composed of several different components, including:

  • Brake pads
  • Rotors
  • Calipers

As these components interact with one another to bring your car to a stop, the brake pads wear down over time. When they thin too much, a built-in wear indicator will connect with the rotor and produce that squeaking sound.

At the first notice of this sound, it’s recommended that you bring your vehicle to our service center. Our technicians will look and replace any necessary parts.

Do Squeaking Brakes Always Require a Part Replacement? Causes for Brake Squeak

There are several reasons why you may hear squeaky brakes, and not all the reasons indicate it’s time for a part replacement. Check out some of the various reasons for brake squeak, what it means, and what action is required:

When do you hear brake squeak?

What the brake squeak means

Next steps

First thing in the morning

Likely condensation

Monitor and visit our service center if it continues after a few minutes of driving.

When towing

Overload of the vehicle

Reduce load of the vehicle and monitor for further brake squeak.

Only sometimes when braking

Small rocks, dust, sand

Remove debris and monitor for further squeak.

All the time, regardless of applying brake pressure

Improperly lubricated parts

Schedule an appointment at our service center.

At the end of the day, you know your vehicle best. If you feel it isn’t running as well as it usually does, the safest thing is to bring it in for a quick brake check.

How Our Service Center Fixes Squeaking Brakes

Technician working on brakesOur on-site service center is equipped to fix your car’s squeaking brakes faster than imagined. That’s because we’re staffed with a team of highly trained technicians. They have the skills and know-how to quickly diagnose the cause of the squeak and repair it so you can get back to cruising the town in little time.

When our team replaces a part of the brake component, you can feel good about our use of certified Toyota parts. These are made from high-quality materials…the same ones used when your vehicle was built. This helps ensure that these parts will fit your model and will likely last longer than aftermarket parts.

While your vehicle is serviced, we invite you to sit back and relax in our comfortable lounge. Enjoy amenities, such as:

  • WiFi
  • HD TVs
  • Coffee
  • Play area

Can’t stay while your vehicle is serviced? Ask about our rideshare service!

Stop Brake Squeak and Schedule an Appointment Today

If you hear squeaking brakes as you travel near Amherst, Manchester, and Derry, New Hampshire, contact us at Ira Toyota of Manchester to schedule an appointment today!

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