Toyota Tacoma Bed Size

2019 Toyota Tacoma

As someone who works hard in the Amherst, Manchester, and Derry areas, it’s important to have an equally capable automobile. The 2019 Tacoma can certainly do the job, as it holds lots of equipment for varying needs.

We’ll give you an idea of just how much equipment in this review of the Toyota Tacoma bed size. Keep reading to get those numbers, then contact Ira Toyota of Manchester to see the truck bed in person.

2019 Tacoma Bed Size

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma bed size consists of three main categories: height, width, and length. The height and width remain the same across the board, at 19.1 inches and 41.5 inches, respectively.

The length, however, varies by cab type, and whether you have the Standard Bed or Long Bed. This is better illustrated by the table below:

2019 Toyota Tacoma Bed Length

Access Cab

Double Cab

Standard Bed 73.7 inches 60.5 inches
Long Bed N/A

73.7 inches

By having a truck bed this size, you can rest assured that all your needed equipment will easily fit inside.

Truck Bed Features

You can also feel better knowing that your items will be kept nice and secure. That’s because the 2019 Tacoma comes standard with an innovative deck rail system. With this system, you’ll get four heavy-duty adjustable tie-down cleats. So, you can load up the Tacoma bed, strap everything down, and be on your way with confidence.

Additionally, there may be a time when you need to get work done right in the truck bed. If so, feel free to make as big of a mess as you want. That’s because the bed can handle it, as it’s made up of an ultra-durable, fiber-reinforced Sheet-Molded Composite surface.

Plus, if you need to use any type of powering equipment, like a circular saw, you can—all right in the bed. There’s a 120V/400W outlet available for your convenience. Just plug in your tools, or even a mini fridge for water if you’d like, and spend as much time working outside as you need.

Payload & Towing Capacities

2019 Toyota Tacoma

We mentioned before that the Toyota Tacoma can fit a nice amount of equipment inside its truck bed. In fact, it has a maximum payload capacity of 1,440 pounds. That’s more than enough for home DIY projects or to transport items from one jobsite to another.

Then, for larger items, you can utilize the truck’s 6,800-pound maximum towing capacity. So, if you’re heading to the beach or mountains, feel free to hitch a small ski boat or camping trailer to the back of your pickup.

Furthermore, the Tacoma offers tons of features to help make towing easier—one of them being the available Trailer Sway Control. This system can manage engine torque, as well as apply brake pressure at individual wheels. As a result, your trailer will stay on its intended path without going all over the road.

Check Out the Toyota Tacoma Bed Today

The size of the 2019 Toyota Tacoma bed is impressive. However, you need to see it in person near Amherst, Manchester, or Derry to determine if it’s right for you.

To do that, simply contact Ira Toyota of Manchester for a test drive today!</p