Toyota Dashboard Light Guides

When you start your Toyota car, you may have seen a set of dashboard lights glowing momentarily before turning off again. Or, maybe you noticed one glowing on your drive through Amherst, Derry, or Manchester and wondered what it meant.

Wonder no more! At Ira Toyota of Manchester, we’ve put together this library of Toyota dashboard light guides to walk you through the most common dashboard indicators for your Toyota model. Find the guide to your vehicle to learn more. Then, schedule a service appintment online!

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Two Kinds of Lights

Dashboard Lights

As you’re looking through the various Toyota dashboard lights, keep in mind that there are two different kinds of lights: warnings and indicators. When an indicator light glows, there’s no need to worry, as these lights merely alert you to active systems in your Toyota vehicle, such as high beams or cruise control. They’re usually “cool” colors like blue or green.

Warning lights are typically more urgent, alerting you to mechanical issues, including low fluid/oil levels or low tire pressure. These lights often glow “hot” colors like red or yellow to warn you of their urgency, and you should have the issue fixed as soon as possible before doing extensive driving.

Pay Attention to Your Dashboard Lights

Dashboard lights can act as your all-purpose safety net for vehicle maintenance. When your engine oil or tire pressure starts to run low, or when your engine’s misfiring or brake system’s malfunctioning, there’s a dashboard light that will alert you to the problem. You can fix the problem yourself or bring your car to our service center for our technicians to handle.

When you fix the problems indicated by your dashboard lights, your Toyota model’s systems will run more reliably. You’ll be safer behind the wheel, and you can reduce the likelihood of expensive auto repair costs down the road.

Understand Your Dashboard Lights


To learn which dashboard indicators and warnings can be found in your vehicle, click on one of the Toyota dashboard light guides that matches your specific Toyota ride. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact our team at Ira Toyota of Manchester.

Our experienced technicians can help you understand why a certain dashboard light is glowing and apply the correct solution. Amherst, Derry, and Manchester drivers looking for more information or a diagnosis can schedule an appointment at our service center today!