Toyota Camry Dashboard Light Guide

In order to get the most out of your Toyota Camry, you’ll need to stay up on maintenance and familiarize yourself with the various symbols on the instrument cluster. Knowing your Toyota Camry dashboard lights is important because these symbols can tell you that there’s a serious problem occurring with your vehicle. At Ira Toyota of Manchester, we’re here to help drivers like you in Amherst, Manchester, and Derry by giving you the important details on these lights and your meanings.

This guide will help you identify the dashboard lights, understand what they mean, and help you figure out what to do when they appear while you’re in the middle of your journey. Schedule your service appointment now!

Knowing the Difference Between Indicator Lights and Warning Lights

Toyota Camry

It’s important to be able to distinct between the Toyota Camry dashboard lights. Indicator lights are simple reminders or notifications. Warning lights let you know that there’s currently a malfunction or issue that’s affecting your vehicle. Now that you’re aware of how these lights differ, you’re ready to find out what they mean!

Toyota Camry Dashboard Indicator Lights

  • Eco Driving Indicator. You’ll see this light appear while you’re out driving when your vehicle is performing at its optimal efficiency.
  • Parking Brake Indicator. This light will appear when you first start the vehicle. It’s letting you know that your parking brake is still engaged and that you’ll want to release it before starting your journey.
  • Cruise Control Indicator. When you turn on your cruise control, this indicator light will appear, and the “SET” symbol will appear once you’ve chosen your preferred cruising speed.
  • Slip Indicator. The Vehicle Stability Control system activates when your vehicle experiences wheel slip. This light lets you know that the system is on, and once your vehicle regains stability, it’ll turn off.

Toyota Camry Dashboard Warning Lights


  • Brake System Warning Light. If you see this light appear, you may not have full braking power because the system detected a malfunction. You should pull over to safety and contact your Toyota dealer immediately.
  • Electric Power Steering System Warning Light. This light is letting you know that your power steering isn’t functioning properly and that you should pull over right away and contact your Toyota dealer for assistance. Don’t try to continue driving because you may not be able to maneuver your vehicle or control the wheel.
  • Malfunction Indicator Light. You’ll see this light if your on-board computer detects a malfunction with one of your vehicle’s electrical components. Have the system checked as soon as possible.
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light. When your Tire Pressure Monitoring System detects a drop in air pressure in one of your tires, this light will come on to let you know. You should seek out an air filling station as soon as possible to prevent any severe tire damage.

Reacting to Your Toyota Camry Dashboard Lights

The important thing to do in a situation where a Toyota Camry dashboard symbol appears is to remain calm. If it’s a warning light, you’ll want to quickly pull over and turn off your vehicle. If you restart the vehicle and the light continues to flash, don’t resume your journey. Instead, you can contact us at Ira Toyota of Manchester for assistance and service. We’ll gladly figure out the issue and correct it so you can get back out on the road.

When you see a Camry dashboard warning light appear, give us a call at Ira Toyota of Manchester. We’re here to help drivers in Amherst, Manchester, and Derry when there’s an issue occurring with your vehicle.