How to Become an Experienced Driver in Manchester NH

There comes a time in a young person’s life when they’re ready to spread their wings and become more independent. And one of the first steps of gaining said independence is getting a driver’s license.

One of the best ways to learn how to drive is by enrolling in a program. That way, you’ll get thorough training from a licensed professional who will help make sure you become a great driver.

If you’re not sure where to enroll your son or daughter, then check out our list of the top driving schools in Manchester, NH…

Chico’s Driving Center LLC

Vehicle Seatbelt

At Chico’s Driving Center LLC, you can enroll in a variety of courses, based upon your availability. They have weekend courses for those busy with work. Or, you can enroll your son or daughter in the 5-week course. This is especially great to do in the summertime when they’re off from school.

The school is licensed by the Department of Safety, so you can rest assured that you’re getting top-quality instruction. Plus, private lessons are available, so you get the kind of personalized attention that you deserve.

Complete Auto Driving School

Complete Auto Driving School opened in 2004 by Mr. Cardello. He was once a tractor trailer instructor at Allied Career School, but decided to open his own school to teach students how to drive.

If your child is at least 15 years and nine months old, then they can enroll in this driving school. Class size is limited to 14, so everyone gets the care they need to successfully complete the program.

And once you complete 30 hours of classroom work, 10 hours behind-the-wheel training, and six hours of in-car observation, you’ll be certified and sure to receive that coveted driver’s license.

Jack’s Driving School

Driving Lesson Cones

At Jack’s Driving School, your son or daughter will receive thorough training. This is so they can feel confident behind the wheel by the time they’re ready to get their license. This is to also show that they have good judgement and the ability to be a safe and responsible driver.

Each student will need to attend 15 classroom sessions for a total of 30 hours. Then, they must complete 10 hours of behind-the-wheel training. When the individual is more than halfway through their training, they’ll need to show that they can handle driving in traffic. Once they do that, and pass the driving exam on the 10th day, they’ll have their license.

Enroll in Driving School Today

If you or your teenager are interested in learning how to drive, then don’t wait. Be sure to enroll in one of these Manchester, NH, driving schools today!