Pet Sitting Services in Manchester NH


Whether you’re out all day at work or are heading on vacation, you want to make sure your dog or cat is well taken care of. Luckily, these pet sitters in Manchester, NH, are more than happy to help.

Keep reading to learn all about them, then be sure to book a pet sitting or dog walking appointment as soon as possible.

The Cat’s Meow: For Purrfect Pet Sitting Service

The Cat’s Meow is run by a woman named Lynn who’s been in the business for over 25 years. Through her experience, she knows what it takes to keep your dog or cat happy.

Lynn knows that pets need a great amount of quality companionship and playtime. So, when you’re away, you can use their pet sitting services during the day or overnight.

For the daytime, someone will come and walk your dog, change your cat’s litter box, and feed your pets. Plus, they’ll provide standard home services like bringing in the mail and watering the plants. If you’re going to be away for a few days, then they can stay overnight and provide around-the-clock care for your loved one.

For more information, check out The Cat’s Meow on Facebook.

Real Pawtential: Fulfilling Your Dog’s Everyday Needs

Real Pawtential does more than just provide high-quality pet care. They also work to help people create a deeper connection and gain a better understanding of their dogs.

The dog walkers here will give your pet the individualized attention that he or she deserves. They’ll do this through an initial meeting at your home to observe your dog’s behavior and document any needs. Then, they’ll come by and walk your pet as needed.

Furthermore, they offer small playgroups so that your dog can still get personal attention. In the end, the staff will build a strong long-term relationship with your dog for their happiness and your peace of mind.

Learn more on the Real Pawtential Facebook Page.

Top Dog Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: Service That Can’t Be Beat


Jessica Dupere has always had a love and respect for dogs. That’s why she founded Top Dog Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in 2010.

Here, you’ll find quality and affordable pet care for your precious pooch. A staff member will stop by and walk your pet between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on which plan you opt for. Plus, your pet will be given food, water, and a whole lot of TLC.

If you have a cat, they can take good care of them, too. The litter box will be cleaned and changed, the cat will receive food and water, and they’ll get lots of affection. Additionally, the staff member can bring in the mail and rotate the lights/blinds if you’re away throughout the night.

Check out Top Dog Pet Sitting & Dog Walking on Facebook for more info on their services.

Make Sure Your Pet Is in Good Hands

If your pet needs to be looked after in Manchester, NH, these pet sitters can be of assistance. Don’t wait. Contact any of them for service today!