How to Replace Car Battery

Car Battery

Your car’s battery provides you with the electric charge needed to start the ignition so that you can soar down the roads of Amherst, Manchester, and Derry. That’s why it’s essential to know how to care for it and what to do in the event that it runs out of juice.

Luckily, we’re here with this step-by-step guide to How to Replace a Car Battery created by Ira Toyota of Manchester. Thanks to the easily digestible information in this guide, you’ll be ready to get started on your car battery replacement adventure.

Car Battery Replacement: The Basics

Skill Level: Advanced

Time: 1 hour

How to Replace Car Battery

Tools You’ll Need:

  • A new battery
  • Open-end wrench
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Battery terminal cleaner, grease, puller, and protectors
  • Corrosion protection, gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Memory saver
  • Rags

How to Change Your Car Battery

  1. Locate Your Battery.

With the engine turned off, find where the battery is stored. If you’re not sure, check your Owner’s Manual to see where you’ll find your vehicle’s battery.

  1. Identify of the Positive and Negative Battery Terminals.

Once you’ve done that, grab your wrench and loosen the bolt on the negative battery post that secures the negative terminal and cable.

  1. Use the Terminal Puller.

After the bolt is loose, twist and pull the end of the cable with your hand or a terminal puller. Repeat the same process on the positive battery cable.

  1. Remove the Battery-Hold Down Clamp.

Make sure to set any parts and fasteners to the side so that you don’t lose track of them.

  1. Take the Battery Out.

Replacing Car Battery

Use both of your hands to lift the battery out of your vehicle.

  1. Start Cleaning!

Use a battery cleaning solution to remove any corrosion on the hold-down clamp, battery terminals, or battery tray. Remember to also clean the battery cable connectors with a wire brush.

  1. Place Your New Battery Inside Your Car.

To properly position your new battery, put it in the battery hold-down tray with the positive post matching up with the positive terminal and cable. Then, secure the battery with the clamp and other parts you removed in Step 4.

  1. Prevent Corrosion.

Spray the ends of both battery terminals with an anti-corrosion solution.

  1. Connect the Positive Post and Cable First.

Attach the positive battery cable to the positive post first. Follow that by attaching the negative battery cable to the negative post.

  1. Tighten Things Up.

Finally, verify that the cable connections and battery hold downs are securely fastened. Make sure that the battery won’t budge by lightly moving it back and forth. That way, your automobile will have a strong electrical connection.

Importance of Trusted Car Battery Replacements

Car Battery Replacement

When it comes to the health of your automobile, it’s important to ensure that each and every replacement, repair, and service is being performed with attention-to-detail and expertise.

So, if it’s time for your vehicle to get a battery replacement, put the well-being of your investment into the hands of professional automotive specialists. That way, you’ll be able to hop back on the road knowing that your battery replacement was made properly.

However, if you do decide to replace your car battery on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of skilled mechanics at our Toyota dealership. They’ll be happy to provide you with tips on how to successfully install your battery or take on the service for you.

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At Ira Toyota of Manchester, we believe that the key to proper automotive care is to provide drivers near Amherst, Manchester, and Derry with step-by-step guidelines on how to complete any service.

With our guide to How to Replace Your Car Battery, you’ll be ready to address your vehicle’s needs by following these simple steps.

Remember, if you find that you need a helping hand while you’re attempting to install your battery, feel free to contact the highly trained technicians at our service center or schedule your appointment today!