How to Change Brake Pads

One of our service technicians performing brake repair at our Toyota dealer. Learn how to change brake pads here.

At Ira Toyota of Manchester, we know the importance of an effective braking system. If any component is worn or broken, your safety is compromised when driving around Amherst, Manchester, and Derry.

The brake pads are a major component to the braking system-if they start to wear down, they’ll need to be changed right away. We’ll tell you exactly how to do that as well as how we can provide this service for you in this article!

Changing the Brake Pads, Step by Step

Before you change the brake pads, you’ll want to block the rear wheels so that the vehicle doesn’t roll backwards when you raise it with a jack. Then, put the car in Park and set the brake.

Once the vehicle is prepped and ready, you’ll want to complete the following steps:

  1. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels.
  2. Place the jack under the car, using a jack stand for safety, and raise the vehicle off the ground.
  3. Remove the lug nuts and the wheel.
  4. Remove the bolts that hold the brake caliper in place and slide the caliper away from the brake rotor.
  5. Move the piston back to its “full open” position. This is so the braking system can be brought back to its original position to accommodate the new brake pads.
  6. Remove the old pads from the caliper.
  7. Place the new brake pads onto the caliper.
  8. Lubricate the back of the new pads to prevent screeching when you apply the brakes.
  9. Reassemble the braking system in the reverse order that you disassembled it.

When to Replace Brake Pads

Brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 35,000 miles. However, this is just an estimate, as factors from your environment to driving patterns can affect their lifespan.

However, there are some warning signs that’ll indicate when a brake pad replacement is needed. For example, if you hear a deep, metallic grinding noise, the brake pads are worn-so much so, in fact, that the brake rotors and calipers are starting to make contact. This metal-on-metal contact can be dangerous, as it can further damage your braking system, resulting in costly repairs.

Convenient Service for Your Brake Pads

A close up of a brake pad against a pure white background. Learn how to change brake pads here.

Although you could replace the brake pads yourself, this is something that you might want to leave to the professionals. Luckily, the technicians in our service center have been performing this type of work for many years. As a result of their skills and expertise, they can change the brake pads in your vehicle quickly and efficiently. We know how busy you are, and we want to make things as convenient for you as possible.

You can easily schedule service over the phone or online. Then, just drop your car off and either wait in our lounge or use one of our rental cars. We’ll get to work right away and have brand-new, high-quality brake pads in your automobile in no time!

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