How Long Does It Take to Rotate Tires?

How Long Does It Take to Rotate Tires? Tire maintenance, like any other mileage-dependent service, is necessary to keep your car operating at its best, safely. However, regularly scheduled tire rotations are often overlooked and they shouldn’t be. This quick and easy service will make your tires last longer and keep you safely in control while driving in Manchester, and around the Amherst and Derry areas.

That’s why we at Ira Toyota of Manchester put together this guide to answer some frequently asked questions about proper tire care. Keep reading to learn about tire rotations as well as other helpful tips, such as the warning signs of old tires!

Why Do I Need to Have My Tires Rotated?

How Long Does It Take to Rotate Tires?

When most people think of the tires on their cars, it’s likely understood that all four will wear at the same rate, but this isn’t true. The easiest way to think about any car’s tires is to compare them to your last pair of beaten shoes. Just as the soles of your shoes wore differently, so do your car’s tires. That’s because there are different forces being applied to each tire.

You may not notice it, on either your shoes or tires, simply due to the fact that it’s normal for people to become used to things they wear and drive every day. So, which tires wear out first? Generally speaking, the front tires will deteriorate more quickly. That’s resultant of the braking and steering forces put on the front of the car.

But all things are variable, and that includes tire tread wear. FWD cars will almost always abrade the front tires faster because engine power is directed toward those wheels. AWD and RWD cars can have more consistent wear, although this is dependent on how you drive. An RWD vehicle’s rear tires could erode before the front ones if a driver is often heavy on the accelerator.

Ultimately, the average length of time that a tire rotation will take is around an hour and it’s recommended every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles. It’s even more convenient than you might think; many dealerships can perform this service at the same time as your car’s oil is changed, which has a similar mileage interval.

Telltale Tire Replacement Warning Signs

How Long Does It Take to Rotate Tires? There are several ways that could mean it’s time to replace your car’s old tires. These include:

  • They’re nearing the end of the recommended mileage.
  • The tread is balding, cracked, worn heavily, stiff, or completely bare.
  • Their performance is unstable and inconsistent.
  • No tire should ever be driven on past the 10-year mark, as an absolute maximum.

It’s also worth mentioning that although you won’t necessarily need new tires after the 5-year mark depending on how much you drive—newer tires should last around 60,000 miles—they should still be inspected by a professional once a year.

Schedule Your Next Tire Rotation with Ira Toyota of Manchester

As you can see, rotating a car’s tires is an integral part of service to help ensure that you stay safe and get the most out of your tires on the roads in Manchester, and around the Amherst and Derry areas. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions about tire maintenance, and of course, be sure to think of our highly qualified technicians the next time your tires need to be rotated!

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