Brake Lights Not Working

Brake Lights Not Working

New Hampshire can get a bit hazy on occasion, which is why it’s important for you—and for everyone around you—to have working brake lights on their vehicles. If your brake lights aren’t working, then visit the service team at Ira Toyota of Manchester to make sure you can remain safely on the road.

If you live in the Amherst, Manchester, or Derry, NH, area, read on to learn about why your brake lights might not be working, how you can test them, and how we’ll fix them. After you’re done reading our quick guide, schedule your next service appointment to make sure your Toyota remains in top form.

Reasons Brake Lights Might Not Be Working

Interior of a Toyota VehicleWhile your vehicle’s brake lights not working can be a pain, it’s usually an easy fix. It could be that one of the brake light bulbs has simply gone bad and needs to be replaced, similar to any light bulb in your home. In a similar vein, the socket could have become corroded or the wiring may have gone bad.

Then there are slightly more involved problems. Your Toyota is a complex machine with an intricate electrical network. If the brake lights aren’t working, it could indicate that there’s a fault somewhere in the impressive neural network of the electrical system. The switch could be defective or have gone bad, or the circuit might have a grounding problem.

How to Test Brake Lights

If you’re driving in traffic after the sun has gone down, you may get lucky and have a Good Samaritan flag you down to let you know that one of your vehicle’s brake lights isn’t working. But if you’re looking for a more reliable method than kindly strangers, there are ways to test the brake lights on your own.

One way to remember to test your brake lights is by doing that when you’re performing other car maintenance, like oil changes. Wait until after dark, back up close to a wall, then press the brakes. If you can see two round auras of light in the rearview, congratulations! Your brake lights are fine.

Have a friend? One of you can press the brakes and the other can look. There should be two red indicator lights if your brake lights are functioning properly.

Fixing Brake Lights at Ira Toyota of Manchester

Handshake at the Toyota Service Center in Manchester NHYou’ve tested your brake lights and noticed that one has gone out. Now what? That means it’s time to visit the service center. Often, it’s a blown bulb, and we can remove the cover and replace it with a bulb from our parts center. If it’s a faulty brake light switch, the process is much the same—we’ll simply replace the faulty part with a new one.

It could also be a blown fuse, which means removing and replacing the broken fuse. If it’s a faulty socket, we can replace the whole socket by clipping the wires and putting in a new unit. If it’s a bit of corrosion on the conductor points, we can clean the terminals and your brake lights should work as good as new.

Visit Our Service Center to Repair Brake Lights Not Working

Your brake lights not working not only can be a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous for other drivers on the road. Make sure you’re testing your vehicle’s brake lights regularly. You can either do this on your own or at Ira Toyota of Manchester’s service center if you’re in the Amherst, Manchester, or Derry, New Hampshire, area.

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