Antique Shops in Nashua NH

Antique China Set

There are lots of stores to visit in Nashua, NH, but going antiquing is a real unique experience. The shops are usually packed with all kinds of great stuff. Then once you find that one special item, you can take it home, where it’ll undoubtedly become a great conversation piece.

If you’re not sure which places to visit, we can help! Keep reading to discover the best antique shops in Nashua, NH.

101A Antique & Collectible Center: Offering Thousands of Keepsakes

Antique Toys

The 101A Antique & Collectible Center is a multi-dealer shop. In fact, you’ll find tons of antiques from over 135 dealers inside this 7,000-square-foot store.

Inside the clean and well-lit display space, you’ll find items like:

  • Fine porcelain
  • Pottery
  • Toys
  • Painting and prints

They also have a large selection of current reference books for sale, to help you learn the history and possible values of some great antiques.

Glorious Possibilities: Selling Both Vintage & Chic Décor

At Glorious Possibilities, they’re all about “bringing out the best in your home.” This shop is where you’ll find all kinds of goodies to decorate your house with. The 5,000-square-foot historic Victorian mini-mansion has an interesting juxtaposition of antique, vintage, and new furnishings.

From furniture and candles to pillows and artwork, if you’re looking for something to dress up your home, you’re sure to find it here.

Not only do they sell loads of vintage items, but they also offer custom kitchen services. If you want a new kitchen, but aren’t sure where to begin, the staff can help! A designer will use their eye for chic and stylish décor to help create the kitchen of your dreams. They can even incorporate some antique pieces, to give your modern home some traditional vibes.

Treasures Antiques, Collectibles & More: Gems Found in an Old Farmhouse

Antique Jewelry

Treasures Antiques, Collectibles & More was founded in 1991 in an area once known as Danforth’s Corner. The store itself began as the home of Captain George Danforth, a 1750 3-room farmhouse with a dirt root cellar.

As time went on, more and more rooms were built onto the house. Eventually, the housing area became tied into the barn, remodeled, and then became the now popular antique shop.

Here, you’ll find trinkets from over 55 dealers, consigners, and artisans. They stock the store with things like:

  • Jewelry
  • Linens
  • Furniture

They even have a section between the house and barn called Kittybunkport Katiques. Here, you can purchase toys, food bowls, catnip, and more for your feline friend.

Start Shopping for Some Antiques Today

If you’ve been wanting to visit some antique shops in Nashua, NH, now’s the time to do it. Grab a friend or family member and stop by one of these stores today!